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Sales & Marketing

(e.g. Find local sales professionals, get email marketing advice, promote your local business, etc.

Events & Conferences

(e.g. Find local networking conferences, promote your event, participate in local events, or promote your own event.)

Accounting & Finance

(e.g. get advice on filing taxes for your business, find local accountants, research budgeting software, etc.)

IT & Web Development

(e.g.Find local IT and web design freelancers, get advice on website issues, research WordPress plugins, etc.)

Customer Service

(e.g. Ask for advice on handling disgruntled customers, research how to automate customer replies, and find local account executives)

HR & Recruiting

(e.g. Find local recruits, post a job, or even post a resumé)



Our mission is to connect local business entreprenuers and professionals in and around Boise, Idaho. Why? We want to help the little guys. Nowadays it can be difficult for small businesses to thrive with such a booming population, increasing costs and more restrictions. With more Fortune 500 companies moving into the Treasure Valley, small businesses can often get lost in the crowd. Idaho Eagle Forums was created for you to find resources, network with other small business professionals and advertise your business, for FREE.

network with professionals

Whether you’re looking for freelancers, a business partner, new employees, or you’re just looking for some advice, you’ll find professionals of all types.

advertise your business

Aside from getting advice and networking, Idaho Eagle Forum is the perfect platform to advertise your business, announce a sale, get foot traffic for your grand opening, etc.

find local resources

Ask local professionals about the best places to host your event, find local conferences, or scope out available office spaces for your new or expanding business.

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